Should I buy a Warranty?

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GVR often has warranty issues come up whenever an appliance or electronic device breaks down. Owners have purchased warranties in the past not realizing the challenges that come with them.  The outer Hawaiian Islands have limited resources for labor and supplies. In most cases, timing is of the essence when working in high occupancy times, which GVR continues to strive to be in. Many times, GVR cannot contact warranty companies because they will not talk to us, and it can be extremely time consuming and costly to you, the owner, in labor time costs. In most situations, there is not a replacement on island and, in the case of larger items, it is difficult to get a repair person who is covered under the warranty out to the property in a timely manner.

Just to give you an example, a guest had a refrigerator go out one Saturday afternoon. The guest was checking out the next day, Sunday, with a back-to-back situation. The guest who was departing was not upset, but it meant GVR had to get the repair person out that Saturday afternoon. GVR's regular appliance guy was nice enough to come out right away on a Saturday and established the fridge was not fixable and had to be replaced. A loaner fridge was put in, the broken fridge was discarded. As soon as we took the broken fridge out, the warranty was invalidated. If GVR had waited for the warranty to be checked and the authorized warranty repair person to come out, the owner would have lost the entire reservation which costs more than a replacement fridge, and GVR would have had some very upset guests and no where to move them to.

Guests expect everything to be in order when they arrive and during their stay at your property. In order to provide that level of service, GVR has to act quickly to make sure that the guest has everything they need. As most of you are aware, it is impossible for you, the owner, to be contacted regarding any smaller items. Whenever possible, GVR involves owners in purchasing replacements for large appliances and any work that has to be done that exceeds $500. 

It is GVR's goal to provide you with the best service possible, maintain your condos and homes in the best way we can, while earning the income that many of you desire and deserve to have. If you are considering purchasing warranties on items for your property you may want to take this into consideration as they don't always work as well with vacation rentals on Kauai as they do in some other markets and in your own home where timing might not be as critical.