Kilohana Train Ride

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"All aboard the Kauai Plantation Railway!"

Well, it may not be the 60 MPH trains that you're used to seeing zipping down the countryside, but a train nonetheless. What's special about this train ride is that you, as a passenger, will get to tour around the historical 105-acre Kilohana Plantation Estate that not a lot of people normally get to see. Kilohana Plantation is located in Puhi, right across the Hokulei Shopping Village and a few minutes away from the Kauai Community College. Their two main tours are their Signature Train Tour and their Train Nature Walk Lunch Orchard Adventure.

Passengers on the Signature Train Tour will enjoy a 40 minute, conductor-narrated, ride in which you will come across rows of over 50 varieties of fruit trees, fruit fields, vegetable gardens, rare and exotic tropical flowers, forest, plants, and hardwood trees. Probably the highlight of the ride, especially for the children, is when the train goes to the animal pastures. The train will make a short stop and you and your family will get to feed the wild pigs, goats, and sheep. Don't worry, all animals are contained and safe for the little ones. 

Now, if you want to truly go out and about, rather than being restricted on the train, you may want to checkout the Train Nature Walk Lunch Orchard Adventure. This train ride begins just like the Signature Train Tour, but after the Animal Fun Feed Stop your guide will take you on a 45-minute nature walk. You will be educated on all the exotic flowers and plants, wander through fruit tree orchards, and get the opportunity to pick and taste the in-season fruit from the trees. It can't get any fresher than that. Make sure you pick a good amount, that's your lunch for the day. No, I'm just kidding, instead you get to enjoy a deli lunch complete with a freshly picked pineapple cut at your table. 

Pure fun for the family and one of the better train rides you won't fall asleep on.