Free Car Rental**

All one and two bedroom condos come with a midsize rental car from Alamo.
**Regency 120 is the only 3 bedroom condo included in the promotion

Guests have the option to extend or upgrade the car rental, for an additional fee as outlined below:

To extend the midsize rental car: $40 per day

To upgrade to a standard or full-size car: $25 per day
To upgrade to a convertible, minivan, midsize SUV, standard SUV, 2-door Jeep, or 4-door Jeep: $35 per day

Whether you are staying elsewhere for part of your stay or need to accommodate a bigger family, we can help you with adjusting your car rental reservation! 

Upon receiving your confirmed booking, we would then reserve the midsize rental car with Alamo and send you the confirmation details. The confirmation email serves as your voucher and you would pick the car up at the Alamo office located at the Lihue Airport. There will be no additional costs unless you decide to extend or upgrade, which you would process directly with us. All other extra options, such as insurance, car seats, etc., would be handled by the Alamo rep when you pick up the vehicle.