Decorating your Vacation Home

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1. Painting:  Refresh the walls or touch up and paint the trim and base boards! Bright, white, freshly painted baseboards give a clean feeling!
2. Update Bedding and Pillows: New pillows and new mattress covers make a huge difference for the comfort of your guests. Typically we try to avoid busy patterns as they don't photograph very well. Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond have excellent deals! Cotton and washable are recommended.
3. Upgrade Electronics: Provide a Sonos or other Bluetooth player and charging stations for guests to charge their mobile phones and listen to their own music playlists!
4. Lighting: Replace dated light fixtures and add more lighting. Stained or molding lamp shades are a BIG NO! Guests really appreciate good quality reading lamps in both the bedrooms and the living room.
5. Shades:  Replace window coverings or old curtains with modern shades that block UV and light to keep sunny condos and homes cool.
6. Appliances:  Replace old and tired appliances, especially if plastic is discoloring or parts are rusting. Don't buy expensive counter appliances - aim to replace them more frequently instead!
7. Get new art:  Try bright island prints from local Kauai artists! Check that your art is not molding; if so, it is time to reframe or replace!
It is always tempting to insert your own personality into your vacation home when choosing your décor. If your goal is to rent your home-away-from-home and maximize your income, please read on.
There is a balance that can be reached between your personal style and comfort, so you enjoy being there, with durable and affordable furnishings that can withstand the wear and tear of guests. Owners who like to have those special items for themselves should safely place them in a locked owners' closet in their absence.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Think pictures. Pictures are what will sell your property to the prospective guest. Pictures need to be accurate so the guests' expectations are met and, hopefully, exceeded. Neutral tones with accent pillows that match the artwork photograph extremely well! You can get away with prints or patterns, but you have to be extremely careful. Mixing themes can create a busy and cluttered look that will not photograph well. This authentic Hawaiian Quilt is a pattern that works!
Many people look at bedspreads with dated patterns and think "old bed," "uncomfortable," etc.  If you are considering purchasing bedspreads, please contact us as we can make suggestions on where you can make your purchases.

Wicker and rattan furniture with Hawaiian print fabric are common throughout the Hawaii rental market. If you look on any major website you will see living room after living room with almost identical furniture. Yes, it looks tropical, but it also looks uncomfortable. If you are seeking the most rental income possible, buy comfortable, durable and neutral couches or sectionals. Accent pillows to match the art is a good way to bring everything together.