Surfing on Kauai

Surf Competitions on Kauai

If I were to ask you what instantly comes to mind if I said, “Hawaii,” what would you say? The beach? The weather? The hula girls? No, because, “you is one smart buggah and said surfing instead.”

Surfing is to Hawaii, as hockey is to Canada.

Very much so that whenever I mentioned to people on the mainland that I live in Hawaii, it eventually reaches that point in the conversation of, “oh I don’t surf though.” The usual response is, “you live in Hawaii and you don’t surf?” Yes, I don’t surf, but let me go ahead and write you this surfing article anyway.

In comparison to our neighboring islands of Oahu and Maui, surfing on Kauai has been more recreational than competitive. We currently have two annual competitions: The Live Like Sion GromFest and the Iron’s Brothers Pine Trees Classic. The GromFest takes place in Poipu at Prince Kuhio Park, while the Pine Trees Classic is held in Hanalei at Waioli Beach Park or Pine Trees Beach. Now, before you start charging the waters, keep in mind that both events are for the kids and it is nothing but a friendly contest for all. If you’re in the area, you’re more than welcome to come out and support! If your children would like to participate, then by all means, let it be an absolute memorable experience for the family!

Dates may vary due to weather, but stay updated with our event’s calendar for more information, such as registration and contest dates, as they are made available.

In case you were wondering, the annual events are in honor of two local Kauai surfers Sion Milosky and Andy Irons. Milosky, a respected big wave surfer; Irons, a highly decorated competitor. Both shared a great intensity for surfing and it was only appropriate for their legacy to be about giving back to those who share the same passion in their craft.

“I surf because… it keeps my life at an even keel, without it I would tip into oblivion”

– Andy Irons

Surf Lessons

“…and then he said he got bit by one shark, can you believe that?!”

Laughter ensues

“Oh, howzit folks! Welcome! My name is Tito I’m your surf instructor for today. Now the first thi- no, wait, where you guys going?”

In all seriousness, place your fears aside,because surfing is an incredibly fun activity, not only for you, but it’s something the entire family can get involved in. If you haven’t surfed before and have really thought about giving it a try, then there’s no better place to start than enrolling in a surf school. You’ll learn the correct techniques, gain valuable tips, and build a strong foundation before you decide to paddle out looking to become the next Kelly Slater. Sure, it can be intimidating learning something new and when you’re older it may feel awkward trying to hold your own with younger individuals. But, just remember, it’s all for fun. If you fall over a few times, it doesn’t matter; the best surfers had their fair share of wipeouts when starting out.

All surf lessons are designed with safety as number one. Locations are carefully chosen to ensure all students are able to get the most from their instructors without risking serious injury. You can find lessons available for all ages, both private and with groups. If you are in the Poipu Area, Great Vacation Retreats works with Kauai Surf School to give guests a memorable surfing experience. They have been instructing since 1999, they work with beginner to intermediate skill levels, and their limited class size provides personal attention for greater success.

No matter where you take your surf lessons, you will take in a wealth of knowledge. You’ll learn about the different surf gear that will aid you while you’re out there, you’ll learn how to correctly paddle out and how to properly pop up to minimize falls, you will even get some insight into “reading” the ocean and positioning yourself for the best opportune waves.

Are there any prerequisites to surfing? Well, if you’re reading this article I hope you know how to swim. That’s pretty important.

Learning how to surf is fun! Private Lessons or Small Group Lessons for the beginner surfer are available. Or learn the basic skills of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) All equipment is included.