Unique Activities

Take a Dog out For the Day

Kauai Humane Society
3-825 Kaumualii Highway (Just west of Puhi & KCC approximately one mile)

The Kauai Humane Society (KHS) has developed a unique program that gives our island visitors an opportunity to borrow a dog for the day. Many visitors miss their dogs when they are away on vacation and realize they need their “dog fix.” Dog withdrawals can be satisfied by going to our Kauai Humane Society to pick up a friendly dog to share a day at the beach and/or a hike. The dogs wear an “adopt me” vest, which gives them a chance to possibly meet their next owner. Sometimes, the tourists take the dogs home with them permanently, too. This innovative program, called “Shelter Dogs on Field Trips”, has been around since October 2012.

The main goal of the program is for people to enjoy the natural beauty of Kauai while taking along a shelter dog on an adventure. The dogs enjoy getting to hike, run on the beach, swim in the ocean but really enjoy receiving lots of love and attention.

People love the opportunity to take a field trip with a shelter dog. Many visitors actually return to KHS to do a second or third field trip during their vacation and have shared that it was the best part of their trip.

Borrowers are provided with water, bags, towels and all kinds of other goodies to make the experience even better.

By the way, it’s okay to fall in love! On average, four dogs a month are adopted to visitors. The Kauai Humane Society even helps orchestrate the trip home if you do choose to take your new friend back with you.

Pick-up hours
11 am – 1 pm Tuesday-Friday
10 am – 12 pm Saturday and Monday

Return by
5:00 pm Tuesday-Friday
3:00 pm Saturday and Monday

Dog-friendly places to visit include:
Mahaulepu Beach, Poipu
Kalapaki Beach, Lihue
Sleeping Giant, Wailua
Moalepe Trail, Wailua
Wailua Arboretum, Wailua
Koke’e State Park/Waimea Canyon

Most beaches allow dogs unless they are county-maintained beaches or parks. Kapa’a Beach Path is the only exception.

Participant must be at least 18 years old
Liability waiver must be signed.
Your credit card number will be recorded for a $200 deposit in the event the dog is not returned.
Dogs must be in an enclosed vehicle (no riding in an open convertible or in the open bed of a truck).
Dogs must be on leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed off-leash or in any dog park.


But, before we take the leap, here’s some information you adrenaline junkies need to write down:

Outfitter’s Kauai
2827A Poipu Rd, Koloa, HI 96756

Skyline Eco Adventures
2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka St b121, Koloa, HI 96756

Backcountry Adventures
3-4131 Kuhio Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766

Just Live Zipline
3-4131 Kuhio Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766

Princeville Ranch Adventures
5-4280 Kuhio Hwy, Princeville, HI 96722

If you’re seeking a zip-lining adventure while on-island, these amazing groups of people make it all possible. Ride Kauai’s longest zip-line at 3/4 miles long with Outfitter’s Kauai. Launch off the plank of Hawaii’s most rewarded zip-line company Skyline Eco Adventures. Join Backcountry Adventures and take a scenic ATV ride, followed by a series of zip-lines, ending with a refreshing swim. Sign up with Just Live and scale a 60 foot rock-wall, drop down on a heart-racing 60 foot rope swing, and rappel down a 100 feet while catching the views from above. If you’re settled in the north shore, checkout Princeville Ranch Adventures’ combo tours of zip-lining paired with horseback riding or a dip in a secluded swimming hole.

Find your escape and go for it!

Warehouse 3540 is Kauai’s Creative Community Marketplace.

The goal was to create a local spot to not only give local vendors a platform, but give the public access to a place that exemplifies freedom for original creations.

Once an old glass factory, now has been renovated to house several local creators who have set up unique boutique shops and art galleries. The warehouse also offers a pit stop for hungry passersby with food trucks located just outside of the entrance.

Collectively, these amazing people also come together to host special events on certain dates. Each week they have a Friday market where local vendors sell fresh produce, honey, hand-crafted soaps, and a lot more goodies, you’ll just need to come through to see as items may vary. Then, on every second Saturday they hold a night-time event from 6-9pm with live music and local vendors, everyone’s invited! For regular day-to-day events, If you’re a 6:30am early bird, you can stop by the warehouse Monday through Friday and grab a cup of coffee, kickback, and relax before heading to your destination. Tuesday’s are Keiki Story-time and it’s absolutely free!

It’s fun and quirky place to explore, the warehouse is an on-going experimental project that provides potential in offering the community much more in terms of creative expression and activities for everyone of all-ages. Pic credit: dancers perform from Kauai UnderGround Artists a.k.a Kuga. Kuga are known for their popular Love Life Festival held annually on Kauai.

When they aren’t busy making the best jam on Kauai, they’re working to get you learning beside them in the kitchen. They recruit culinary expertise beyond what’s displayed on the shelf, so you can attend specialty workshops such as mastering meringue, creating soft cheese, and cooking up some vegan recipes. The workshop schedule changes throughout the year, so keep an eye out for some interesting flavors and your opportunity to be a part of this fun, hands-on, experience.

I had the pleasure of attending a Paradise Palette event at the Poipu Beach Athletic Club restaurant, Imu Bar and Restaurant. I am very unartistic and thought I’d never be able to create a piece of art, but amazingly, my painting is worthy of hanging in my office. What a fantastic evening we had. This is a chance to listen to great music, paint, socialize, create a masterpiece and have wonderful food and drinks! An opportunity to mingle with locals and tourists alike. They provide everything: palette, paint, brushes and step-by-step guide. Click here for their calendar of events.

Looking for something to do on a rainy day on Kauai? Or maybe you are looking for a unique experience on a sunny day. The Kauai Escape Room could be a tremendous and unique activity for you and your family or friends.

The Kauai Escape Room is a challenge of puzzles and clues. The rooms have unique themes with storylines that tie into every little tid bit. They are thought out very methodically where one clue solved leads to another, then another, then another, until eventually you are able to diffuse the bomb, or whatever the end game is. Once you enter the room you must hustle to work together with your group and solve the riddles before the time limit. Our company did it as a team building exercise and it was so much fun we immediately planned on returning with family members and friends. Lots of laughs, a little frustration, but there is always that feeling of accomplishment and excitement with every “aha!” moment.

You have 60 minutes to complete the game’s objective. We found that each person on our team brought a different gift to the game. Some people are more observant, some more logical, some don’t miss the small details; some of us are more determined or tenacious. Everyone comes together to solve the mission: Escape from the Room. Don’t worry about feeling claustrophobic. You know you can leave at any time. The games are challenging so the minimum age is 14 or 12 with an adult.

For more information call (808) 635-6957 or book online. They are located at 4353 Rice Street in Lihue. It is a lot of fun and we highly recommend it!

From the sunny Westside to the breezy North Shore, if you’re looking to play a game of bowling there’s only one place to go, literally, and that is the Lihue Bowling Center. It is located in the Rice Street Shopping Center, just a couple minutes away from the Kauai Museum, and open 7 days a week. It is a popular local hangout for families, students, and work groups; whether you are a novice of the game or a seasoned bowler, all are welcome. The Lihue Bowling Center houses Kelly’s Kitchen, a small-scale restaurant for quick meals in between heated matches or friendly competitions. Burgers, plate lunches, “pupus,” and an assortment of drinks are available. The bowling center provides bumper lanes on request for children and kids, as well as bowling ball weights from 6-16 lbs, so that everyone can bowl at their respective skill level.

The most popular time to go to the bowling center is on every “Rock and Glow” night. My recommendation is to plan ahead of time because those that claim a lane first are allowed to play for as long as they choose, all at just a one-time admission fee; it is first come, first serve. The night includes a live DJ, disco and laser lights, and of course food and refreshments at a cost. So, whatever the occasion may be, arrive with your friends or your family, roll a couple strikes, have some laughs, and enjoy the night. Rock and Glow is hosted on Friday and Saturday nights from 7-9 pm before resuming from 9:30-11:30 pm.

“All aboard the Kauai Plantation Railway!”

Well, it may not be the 60 MPH trains that you’re used to seeing zipping down the countryside, but a train nonetheless. What’s special about this train ride is that you, as a passenger, will get to tour around the historical 105-acre Kilohana Plantation Estate that not a lot of people normally get to see. Kilohana Plantation is located in Puhi, right across the Hokulei Shopping Village and a few minutes away from the Kauai Community College. Their two main tours are their Signature Train Tour and their Train Nature Walk Lunch Orchard Adventure.

Passengers on the Signature Train Tour will enjoy a 40 minute, conductor-narrated, ride in which you will come across rows of over 50 varieties of fruit trees, fruit fields, vegetable gardens, rare and exotic tropical flowers, forest, plants, and hardwood trees. Probably the highlight of the ride, especially for the children, is when the train goes to the animal pastures. The train will make a short stop and you and your family will get to feed the wild pigs, goats, and sheep. Don’t worry, all animals are contained and safe for the little ones.

Now, if you want to truly go out and about, rather than being restricted on the train, you may want to checkout the Train Nature Walk Lunch Orchard Adventure. This train ride begins just like the Signature Train Tour, but after the Animal Fun Feed Stop your guide will take you on a 45-minute nature walk. You will be educated on all the exotic flowers and plants, wander through fruit tree orchards, and get the opportunity to pick and taste the in-season fruit from the trees. It can’t get any fresher than that. Make sure you pick a good amount, that’s your lunch for the day. No, I’m just kidding, instead you get to enjoy a deli lunch complete with a freshly picked pineapple cut at your table.

Pure fun for the family and one of the better train rides you won’t fall asleep on.

Just a few minutes away from the Lihue Airport is a special place called Kamalani Playground, located at Lydgate Park. Think back to your elementary jungle gym, but imagine larger. It’s a nice spot to bring your family for a casual day out, especially because Kamalani Playground is perfectly situated next to a large open soccer field, beachside pavilion, and in walking distance to Morgon’s Ponds. One of the best things about having the Kamalani Playground so close to the airport is it provides a good hang out for you and your family whether you’ve got a later flight and need to burn some time or maybe you arrived a little too early for your check-in at a nearby hotel or vacation home.

Kamalani Playground was incepted back in 1994. Bob Leathers of Leathers and Associates drafted the designs and former Kauai Councilmember Tim Bynum organized the project. According to the Honolulu Advertiser, Leathers consulted with children around the island to seek what kind of things they wanted to see in the new playground. Although, what truly made this idea a reality is the work done by 7,000 Kauai residents who volunteered their time to construct it. From this project, a volunteer group formed and was named The Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park, who currently help maintain Kamalani Playground. The first detail you’ll notice is the architecture of the playground; it is almost entirely built of wood vs. the modern plastic and metal structures. Then, you see the various pieces of ceramic art and Hawaiian woodcarvings throughout that provide a unique blend of engineering and artistic talent. The playground has everything from swings, bridges, and slides, to mazes of hidden passageways, even seating areas for parents. The grounds are padded with soft sawdust to help absorb any serious falls.

If you’re planning a picnic, the Kamalani Playground at Lydgate Park is a great place to go. It’s been years since I’ve actually played there because, well, it’s been years since I was a little kid. But, I assure you no matter what age you are there is going to be a little bit of an urge to go exploring. It is honestly a really amazing piece of work, not only because of the craftsmanship, but because it was something the community produced, so there’s even more to appreciate.