Famous Male Hawaiian Musicians

Israel “Iz” Kaanaoi Kamakawiwoole, also called Bruddah Iz (Brother Iz), was a Hawaiian musician, entertainer and sovereignty activist. He became famous outside Hawaii with the release of his album, “Facing Future,” in 1993. “Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” was subsequently featured in several films, television programs, and television commercials. Through his skillful ukulele playing, Iz remains a very strong influence on Hawaiian music.

Brothers Cazimero are a Hawaiian musical duo made up of Robert Cazimero on bass and Roland Cazimero on twelve-string guitar. The Cazimeros got their start during the Hawaiian Renaissance with ukulele and slack-key guitarist Peter Moon’s band, The Sunday Manoa, on their first recording, “Guava Jam.” Since that time, The Brothers Caz have released over 30 recordings and three DVDs.

Don Ho was one of Hawaii’s legends and entertained for more than four decades. Don Ho was one of Hawaii’s biggest entertainers, drawing huge crowds to his shows. The success of his albums in the 1960s, especially his hit single “Tiny Bubbles,” brought him worldwide attention and led to numerous appearances on TV.

Kealii Reichel is a popular and bestselling Hawaiian singer, songwriter, choreographer, dancer, chanter, scholar and teacher. He has spent his life educating the world about Hawaiian culture through music and dance. In 1994, Kealii recorded and released a collection of Hawaiian traditional and contemporary music, entitled Kawaipunahele, on his own Punahele Productions record label and began his career as a Hawaiian music superstar.

Keola and Kapono Beamer (“The Beamer Brothers”) defined the shape and direction of “Contemporary Hawaiian Music” and, to this day, have one of the biggest selling records in the history of the State of Hawai’i, “Honolulu City Lights.” Songs like “Mr. Sun Cho Lee,” “Sweet Okole,” “Only Good Times,” “Seabreeze,” and other works by The Beamer Brothers are part of Hawaii’s most favorite songs. Keola and Kapono both still perform and are very successful as solo entertainers.