Favorite Cool Treats on Kauai

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Beat the tropical heat with refreshingly cool island treats!

Our favorite cool treats:
Shave Ice (shave ice) is Hawaii’s favorite way to cool off… besides jumping in the ocean! On Kauai, our favorite shave ice can be found at JoJo’s Shave Ice in Waimea, Ono Ono Shave Ice in Kapaa and The Fresh Shave in Lawai.
Ice Cold Coconuts. If you venture to one of Kauai’s Farmers Markets, you will surely run across a vendor or two selling ice-cold coconuts. Cut to order just insert a straw and enjoy one of nature’s most perfect beverages. 

Juice/Smoothies. Being on a tropical island gives us a special advantage to create amazing fresh juice and smoothies. Kauai Juice Company in Kapaa and Poipu is producing some of the best juice and Kombouca on island. Banana Joes in Kilauea is our first stop for smoothies.

Ice Cream & Gelato. Lapperts has to be one of our favorite ice cream stores on island, and they also have gelato. Try a few samples before you pick your favorite. Pink’s Creamery in Hanalei serves some seriously delicious homemade ice cream with creative local flavors. Papalani Gelato in Poipu and Kalapaki has mastered the art of gelato as well as gluten and dairy free sorbetto with fresh island fruit.  

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