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From the soaring cliffs of the Na Pali Coast to the colorful depths of Waimea Canyon, Kaua’i enchants the senses like no other place on earth - packed with hidden ravines and cascading waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. It is a magical gem that sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a fantasy land of gigantic ferns, ancient trees, tangled vines, magnificent waterfalls, crystal clear streams, fascinating cliffs, and unspoiled beaches. Holding the title as the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, this lush island is merely an infant when it comes to land masses – just five million years old and formed from a fiery volcano that has since gone quiet. With abundant rainfall that combines with fresh ocean breezes to create the perfect erosion machine, our beautiful valleys and gorges are carved. The cycle begins with Mt. Wai’ale’ale — this famous peak, often enshrouded in clouds and fog, is generally known as the wettest spot on earth – catching nearly 500 inches of rain per year! All that rainfall has to go somewhere — and we will explore each crack along its journey to the ocean. Hike Kaua’i With Me is a privately owned hiking outfit, specializing in outdoor adventures for all types of people — whether you are a beginner with limited experience or a seasoned outdoorsman with rugged expeditions under your belt. We tailor our tours to the exact specifications that fit your unique comfort level. No large groups to take you away from your serenity experience, just you and who you bring with you. As a small, individually owned company, we are able to give you the personal attention and care that you require at just the pace you want with just the views you crave - a tour that will lodge itself into your memory for years to come. You let us know what type of adventure you are looking for and then rely on our expertise to show it to you in the safest, most exciting way possible. You will leave with the ultimate Kaua’i adventure on your tastebuds, satisfied that you experienced the Kaua’i that hides itself from people who don’t want to work for their views. We live for the privileged opportunity of taking others into the great outdoors of Kaua’i.
For the past 13 years, Hike Kaua’i with me has been putting together a detailed map of Kauai and all of its hidden gems. Scouring every corner of every narrow valley. From secret waterfalls to unknown swimming holes to private vistas — the team has “mined” out all of those places that one only dreams to explore -- Garden of Eden type settings that take your imagination for a ride. We take pride in showing the side of Kaua’i that many people imagine, but rarely get to see with the typical, run-of-the-mill tours. We are well trained in the unique climate that is Kauai - a climate that can downpour in one location, and be perfectly dry a mile away. We are trained in the survival techniques and first-aid measures that allow you to put your mind at ease. Our minds work like a map, complete with every trail and “non” trail that reveal the perfect spots that only the locals have heard of. Whether it is scrambling up a stream bed, strolling down a trail, or scaling a waterfall, our knowledge of the island will prove invaluable. Hike Kaua’i With Me will prove to be an experience of a lifetime for you, your family, and your friends. So, grab your camera and your sense of adventure and come Hike Kaua’i with me! For more information and to book a phenomenal experience, click here.