The Kauai Museum

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"History" isn't a word that necessarily exudes excitement, more-so drawn-out speeches and grainy, black-and-white photos. Can it be boring? Well, sure, but that's just me and my hours of lecture classes talking. Besides, not many people care to put effort into learning about what has already happened hundreds of years ago; people want to focus on the "now" and what's to come ahead. Except, eventually you realize everything, both present and future, is the result of the precedence. Take a look at Kauai; you see the towns, the people, and the culture mix, they’re all a result of historic events. Imagine if Hawaii's monarchy weren't overthrown in 1893, can you picture the islands not being a part of the U.S and still being ruled by kings and queens? Crazy, right? There's one place on Kauai to learn about this and so much more.

The Kauai Museum is located on Rice Street, just a few minutes away from the Lihue Airport. The dated, but timeless, architecture make it instantly recognizable for passersby. The museum is open everyday, except Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Inside you will discover various artifacts, exhibits, and murals, ranging from the ancient Hawaiian times, early sugar plantation life, and World War II. There is a gift shop for special keepsakes to take home. History can be a fun experience by being just that, an experience. Visualize traveling to Machu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza, or Stonehenge, they create wonder and interest because it's all right there in front of you. That's what museums look to accomplish, to give the perception of physically stepping back in time.