Kauai Rodeos

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He wahi lio Lehua kou inoa l    
Hanohano wale oe Hawaii l
E like kou holo ana me ka io l
Ke kolo, ke kuli, ke kui kolo iho oe
Auhea wale oe te wahine holo lio
Pua nani ao Hawaii l
Aloha i ka Hawaiian cowboy

You are a fine horse, Lehua is your name
Magnificent one of Hawaii
Your ride is smooth like the bonefish
You crouch, work the knees, and you post
Listen you, oh horsewoman
Beautiful blossom of Hawaii
The love of the Hawaiian cowboy


It may come as a surprise that beyond the image of sunny beaches and mountaintop hikes, that the “cowboy culture,” as some may use to describe it, has a strong presence in Hawaiian history; it continues to be a prominent lifestyle here on the islands. For visitors that want to delve into more of the country living side of Kauai, Come checkout the annual rodeos!

“I reckon you’ll enjoy it”

Alright, a little too wild west there.

So, what can you look forward to? The two biggest rodeos on Kauai are The Koloa Plantation Days Rodeo and the Waimea Round Up Rodeo

The Koloa Plantation Days Rodeo is hosted by CJM Stables and is part of the celebration of the good o’ days of the sugar plantation era. As mentioned on their site, the rodeo includes Hawaiian classic events such as poo wai u – which is an event simulating wild cattle of the old Paniolo days, double mugging, along with team roping, women’s barrel racing, and wahine steer riding. Just so you know, Paniolo translates to “Hawaiian cowboy.” See, now you can add that to your vocabulary list under “mahalo” and “aloha.”

The Waimea Round Up Rodeo is the largest traditional rodeo in all of the Hawaiian Islands and helps celebrate the history and community of Waimea. The rodeo takes place at the Friendship Do Ranch, right between that stretch from Waimea to Kekaha. You can expect very much of the same type of events but the fun extends into two days. 

“Well then, to all ya cowboys and cowgirls, for more info ya’ll stay updated with our events calendar ya hear?”