Kumus Cupboard-A Way to Help our Community on Kauai


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Aloha Kauai Visitors,

Great Vacation Retreats is excited to introduce you to Kumu’s Cupboard, a new store where Kauai’s teachers can shop for FREE. Kumu’s Cupboard is filled with school supplies, office supplies, materials for art and science projects, and things that can be used as student incentives. Kauai’s teachers can visit the store once a month and shop at no cost, for supplies to use in their classroom.

Many teachers spend their own money to enhance the education of their students whether to buy basic school supplies or materials for a special project. We can help alleviate some of this burden by redistributing products you no longer need or through supplies bought with your donations.

Kauai educators also face the challenge that many things are not readily available on island. Shipping small quantities of things can be very expensive. Kumu’s Cupboard uses donations to buy these items and ship them in bulk to Kauai.

Would you like to make a positive impact on your visit to Kauai?  Do you or your business have a surplus of supplies? Do you shop the sales at office supply stores and other back to school venues?

Please see the list below of examples of needed supplies. They can generally use any supplies that you would find in a K-12 classroom including those for special projects, art, science, math and student incentives.

Examples for Donations

This is a list to give you examples of what we can use that may be easy to bring from the mainland.

Flash drives
Pens, pencils
Crayons, markers, colored pencils
Staplers, staples
Hole punches, Beads
Paper clips, binder clips, brads, Glitter
Stamp pads
Notebooks, binders
Stamps and Stickers
Computer tablets—new or used
Rulers, measuring tapes, scales
Ear buds, headphones
Party favors
Small toys

Please bring what you can and leave them on the kitchen table or counter and we'll make sure they are delivered to Kumu's Cupboard.

Mahalo nui,
Great Vacation Retreats