Nine Reasons Not to Vacation on Kauai

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  1. WEATHER: The weather changes without much warning. You may be lying on the beach on a bright sunny day and suddenly be caught in a downpour. The rain often doesn’t last for more than a few minutes and is the reason we are known as The Rainbow State. Our trade winds normally keep us very comfortable but it can be humid and warm on occasion as well.
  2. LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING: It is not common on Kauai to have air conditioning in a rental property and it isn’t allowed at all properties. The island has great trade winds, which normally keep us cool, but there are times when the trades leave the island and it can feel warm.
  3. OCEAN CONDITIONS: The ocean is dangerous. People who are not strong swimmers should be careful when participating in ocean activities. There are 9 beautiful beaches with lifeguards on Kauai “When in doubt, don’t go out”.
  4. COST: It’s not cheap! If we don’t make it or grow it on island it has to be shipped or flown in and that costs a lot. Staying at a vacation rental helps save on food costs because you can make many meals at your ‘home’ by visiting the local grocery stores and farmers markets.
  5. TRAFFIC: There is one main road that loops around ¾ of the island. (The other ¼ is not drivable). If the person in front of you is going slowly, you will be too. On the east side locals refer to the traffic as ‘The Kapaa Crawl’ – there is always bumper-to-bumper traffic through the town of Kapaa. It’s worse in rush hour. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour in many places. Take your time and Drive with Aloha.
  6. CHICKENS: There are wild chickens everywhere. They escaped their cages after the last hurricane and, having no natural predators, have reproduced exponentially. The roosters can be loud and crow often, even at night.
  7. ISLAND TIME: It can take longer to get parts to fix things and some items that you may take for granted as being available in a less remote areas, might take days to obtain in Hawaii. People also do everything at a more relaxed pace. Once you get used to it, you will want to follow suit.
  8. BUGS: There are bugs and small lizards, (lovable because they eat bugs and don’t bite), because we are in a tropical environment. All properties have quarterly pest control, but you will see the occasional bug. Make sure you put your food away and seal food up.
  9. RED DIRT: A definite deterrent to exploring off the beaten track. Some inland trails can get quite muddy and slippery and are only for the adventure seekers, serious hikers and lovers of the uncrowded outdoors. Most locals hike and walk around outside in inexpensive sneakers, slippers or barefoot so it keeps shoe shopping expenses to a minimum. The red color comes from the large amount of iron oxide present in the land. Red dirt stains are permanent and impossible to remove.