generating revenue

Guest Communication

We communicate with the guests before and during the booking and keep in touch with them after, trying to create a lasting relationship and repeat bookings. A happy guest will tell their friends and family where to go on their next vacation and they create wonderful five-star reviews. We communicate with the guests through phone, email, and text. We send every guest an invitation to their guest portal that is unique to the property they are staying in. This allows them to see property directions, special instruction along with maps and local recommendations on their smart phone, tablet or computer.

Guest Amenities

We obtain as much information about the guests and why they are coming so we can tailor the information that we send them and personalize a welcome gift. We support local businesses, charities and keiki. If someone asks us to buy local sausage for their child’s baseball fundraiser, sausage and local eggs raised by our operations manager’s daughter will be part of their gift that day. Guest amenities are provided at GVR’s cost.


Marketing is one of GVR’s greatest passions, and it is free to our owners. Our beautiful newsletters are sent bi-monthly to our database. At industry conventions our newsletters have been shown to the audience as the example as ‘the best in the business’. Our email marketing is sophisticated. We remarket to people who show interest through clicks and we personalize and automate as much communication as possible. We offer property-specific advertising on all of the main marketing venues like Airbnb, Vrbo, HawaiiGaga and Facebook as well as some other successful, established smaller ones. GVR is rated as a Vrbo Premier Partner and a SuperHost on Airbnb.

New Website

We pay for some of the best software to ensure that we have all the bells and whistles that a guest looks for when booking a vacation rental. All of this software integrates with our website to provide the guest an optimal searching and booking experience. We update our website and the software that runs it frequently. Our website is responsive for tablets and mobile devices, (Mobile bookings account for 42% of all vacation rental bookings and this number is expected to keep getting higher), increases rank with search engines, is set up for lead generation, has lots of relevant content, integrated with social media, easy for the guest to add reviews, integrates with our Track software.


We switched to Track software in 2020. Voted by VRMB as the Vacation Rental Software of the Future. The software has a booking engine for the guests making reservations, property management software and CRM which allows us to identify our guests and give them personalized service.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing in our industry is now essential for success. It was implemented in the airline, rental car and hotel industries years ago and is now mainstream in the vacation rental market providing great returns for property owners. Staying on top of changes in supply and demand has always been important, but with travel trends changing daily now, dynamic pricing is an important tool for the entire vacation rental industry. It will continue to be important to react quickly to changes in our market moving forward. Utilizing market-level data, alongside individual listing data points, allows us to stay competitive in a quickly changing landscape. Most markets around the world are changing daily and dynamic pricing keeps our pricing competitive every day.


Our in-house photographer is constantly updating and reviewing property photos.  Experience photos are essential for catching the potential guests’ attention. We send drones up whenever possible to get fantastic aerial footage. This is provided at no cost to the owner. Update a couch, get a new art piece, remodel your bathroom, whatever it is we will run out and get a new photo to market your property at its best.


We acknowledge that reviews are extremely important to the success of a vacation rental. Great Vacation Retreats collects, monitors and responds to online reviews and in-house surveys. We diligently answer reviews in the context of the numerous websites that we advertise each property on. Reviews are so important that we monitor them in real time, every day and we pass them on to you.

Social Media

We love social media and are very active on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We have one of the largest social media followings for Kauai vacation rental companies, but social is more than just followers, it’s about engagement. Each of our properties has its own Facebook page.


We have reservationists answering all inquiries that are initiated from the websites we advertise on. It is our goal to personally get back to the prospective guest within ten minutes.  One of our agents is online almost 24/7 making sure your property stays booked – at no extra cost to you! Our software immediately generates a response to potential guests.

tracking income


We spend a considerable amount of time evaluating each individual property as its own business entity every week. We keep track of the revenue at all times. We suggest upgrades and things you can do as the owner to help increase your income.

Owner Portal

Owners can access the owner portal and find current and past statements, make their own reservations and see their calendar in real time.

Owner Statements

Our owner statements are straightforward and easy to read. We don’t nickel and dime you for various charges such as paying bills, marketing, and photography. We list all of the maintenance items that are done throughout the month so you know what areas have been cared for. Owner statements are prepared prior to the 10th of each month. You can choose to have checks directly deposited to your account or we can mail you a paper check.

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