saving you money

Bill Payment

Many of our owners have us pay their property bills on their behalf. These bills include homeowners’ dues, electric, cable, yard service, pool service, carpet cleaning, etc. You will see the charges on your homeowner’s statement. We offer this service at no additional charge to you.


We pay the Hawaii General Excise and Transient Accommodation taxes on your behalf monthly and send a copy of the year-end filing for your review. We offer this service at no additional charge to you.

Smart locks

We install electronic locks wherever allowed at no additional charge to you. This provides an extra layer of security for your property and works with our software so each guest, employee and vendor receive a unique code that only works when they are permitted to enter the property. Owners with central a/c may integrate with this technology to monitor AC use and help to control costs. Can you open your lock from your phone? We can.

Bi Yearly Maintenance Checks

In order to be proactive, we do two to three maintenance checks a year – replacing light bulbs, batteries, and any other maintenance needed. You only pay for the parts and labor. This saves you on charges for calls to service problems for the guest.

Marketing OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies)

We manage and pay for all listings on various OTA’s, airbnb, VRBO, etc. It is becoming more complicated to list on these sites. We have dedicated account managers and frequent meetings with them to stay up to date on the trends to keep our listings as close to the top as possible. We respond immediately to inquiries during most of the day.


Your property is assigned to a professional cleaner who is accountable to Great Vacation Retreats (GVR) to report any maintenance issues and keep your property at its’ best. The continuity of the same cleaner allows them to do the extras when the time is permitting. We also schedule a deep clean three or four times a year. Owners pay the standard cleaning fee for the deep clean. All cleans are inspected by one of our staff before check-in. Cleaning standards are up-to-date with the industry protocols.


Many of our competitors charge for photography. Great Vacation Retreats has a staff photographer and there is no charge for this service.

Linen Program

We have a linen program so you don’t have to keep replacing sheets, towels, pillow cases, beach/pool towels, terry bath mats and dish towels. You pay a reasonable fee twice a year and the sheets and towels are replaced frequently.

preparing to rent

We have created some suggestions to further improve your rental income:

Plate and Silverware Program

Our plates and silverware program is designed to save time and money and ensure quality control.

Purchasing Furnishings

There are lots of options for creating the perfect rental space. Purchasing Furnishings is easier when you know where to go.

Decorating Your Vacation Home

These helpful suggestions will steer you in the right direction and ensure your property will photograph well and appeal to visitors.

Do’s & Don’ts

front desk dilemma

Do you need an on-site front desk to operate a successful rental or will your net annual revenue be greater choosing your own management company and allowing for automated self check-in?

Front Desk Dilemma