Spouting Horn

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Spouting Horn is a blowhole located on the southern coast of the island along Lawai Road. Waves cause water to rush under the lava shelf and spout high into the air as it is forced up through a narrow tube in the rock. High tide and sunset are the best times to view Spouting Horn.

There used to be an adjacent blowhole called Kukui’ula Seaplume; however, it was blasted away in the 1920s by a sugar plantation owner who did not like the salt spray damaging his crops. As a result, the blowhole only blows air which is emitted with a loud groaning sound.

Legend states that this is actually the voice of a large and very hungry mo’o (lizard) who is trapped under the rock. The mo’o once guarded the coastline and ate anyone who tried to fish or swim there. It is believed the blowhole was the escape route of Liko, a man who once dared to swim there and who narrowly escaped through the hole when the mo’o attacked him. The mo’o chased him into the hole and, subsequently, got stuck. The moaning and groaning sounds you hear are the hunger pangs of the starving mo’o who is trapped under the rock forever! 

It is very dangerous to venture out on the lava shelf or get too close to the blowhole.