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Give your feet a rest and let the Aloha Spirit Shuttle be your guide...

That's right, I'm talking about catching a ride on Poipu's very own open-air shuttle. Fun fact: the shuttle was actually built for Disney in the 60's and has been in operation for over 50 years. Crazy, huh?  It's a simple and inexpensive alternative to making your way around the Poipu area, whether you're feeling like doing a little shopping or taking your special date out to dinner; they will be able to shuttle you to and from your property for free. Sweet deal. See, not everything in Hawaii is expensive.

Their hours of operation are from 6pm to 10pm, Sunday to Thursday. Call for pick-up at (808) 651-9945.

Need a quick date-night idea for your significant other? Try this special tour: 45 minute Sunset Land Cruise at $20 per person (dinner excluded). Just as its name applies, you'll be taken on a drive along the South Shore, enjoy the beautiful sunset, then be driven to any restaurant in Poipu that you choose or one that you may have already reserved. When you've finished the last of your mahi mahi and downed enough Mai Tai's for the night, give the Aloha Spirit a call. 

They also offer private charter shuttles; max occupancy is 11 passengers. This service is great for those attending a wedding, a banquet, or any special event in the area. The Aloha Spirit will shuttle you, your family, and your friends, where and when you want. You could have everyone drive in separate cars then be stuck waiting for your entourage to arrive one-by-one, or you could arrive altogether in style, skip the waiting and head straight into the event. This private shuttle service comes at a price of $125/hour with a 2 hour maximum.

Now that you know what the Aloha Spirit is, save that number and keep an eye out for a blue/green shuttle with a palm tree roof. Don’t forget to throw that “shaka” out and greet their wonderful driver with a, “eh, howzit?” It’s all about sharing the aloha, isn’t it?