Traveling with Pets to Kauai

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It's a little different traveling to Hawaii with your pet than to the other states and Canada. Hawaii is rabies-free and has an animal quarantine law. In the past, pets would have to wait in quarantine for months, but now there is a process to have them quarantined for five days or less and it is possible for them to be released directly from the airport. It is an extensive check-list that needs to be completed and timing of vaccinations and blood tests are crucial.
•   Your pet will have needed at least two rabies vaccinations and be current on them.
•   The second vaccination must be done at least 90 days before arrival in Hawaii.
•   Your cat or dog must have an electronic microchip implanted.
•   Your pet will need to have had an OIE-FAVN Rabies Blood Test not more than 36 months and not less than 120 days before the date of arrival in Hawaii.

Numerous documents must be completed by you and your veterinarian and submitted to the State.

Please see for more information.

Keep in mind Hawaii has not had the demand for pet-friendly accommodations so there are not many places to stay when you travel with your dog or cat. Many homeowner associations have strict rules against having pets. There are a few that allow pets on a case by case basis and a few of the hotels have pet programs. You just need to persevere. Renting a free standing home can be your best option.