Wai Koa Plantation

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Wai Koa Plantation, a working farm on 500 private acres, is located in the town of Kilauea on the North Shore. It began in 2007 when Porter Irrigation started supplying water to the farmers on Wai Koa by channeling water from the Kalihiwai Reservoir, the only active reservoir in the area. Over the next several years, guava trees were removed and replaced with the largest mahogany forest in the United States.

In 2010, the Porters began a new chapter of community service by completing and opening Kauai Mini Golf. Shortly thereafter, the Wai Koa Loop Trail was opened to the public, providing the community with free access to the historic Kilauea Stone Dam. The dam was completed in 1880, during the height of the sugar plantation era and received a prestigious Historical Site Award in 2004. The 5-mile loop trail winds through Mahogany trees and offers peaceful lagoons, a secluded swimming hole and panoramic views of Mt. Namahana.

For those of you looking to do something ‘off the beaten path'  the Wai Koa Plantation is for you. Starting at the Kauai Mini Golf in Kilauea back parking lot you will find The entrance to the 500-acre manicured ‘working farm’ is found in the back parking lot of Kauai Mini Golf in Kilauea.

It states that the trail is intermediate, however, it is more of a beginner trail, just a bit longer. There are fascinating signs and stops along the way, educating you about the Farm and the history of the Plantation. You will walk thru the largest Mahogany plantation in the United States and see where Kauai Fresh farms grow their delicious avocados. You will also stop in the middle at the historic stone damn. A magical place with manicured gardens and a babbling brook. This damn is about halfway through the hike and the perfect place for a picnic and a swim.

Depending on your speed the hike takes approximately 2 hours, longer if you stop for a picnic. Bring WATER, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, snacks, your bathing suit and your camera!