What charges should I expect to see on my Owners Statement?

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We try to keep our statements as easy to read and as simple as possible. They are prepared monthly and are based on departure dates. For instance, you would receive the reporting for February guests in March. Usually, the statements are prepared and checks deposited prior to the 10th of the month. You can choose to have your income deposited directly or have a paper check mailed to you.

SAMPLE: View an actual Monthly Owner Statement

Reservation Summary
The reservation summary will show you the names and dates of guests that have departed the month prior. It displays the gross and net income to you for each reservation. You will also see your owner reservations.

Monthly Costs/Charges
The charges incurred during the month are listed on your statement. These items might include window cleaning, carpet cleaning, utilities, etc. There may also be charges in this area for replaced items such as a new coffee maker or other small items.

Maintenance Charges
This category will list any maintenance items that were done during the prior month. This column might be empty for a month if no work was done on your property or it might show small repairs such as fixing a leaky toilet or garbage disposal. You might have used our services to schedule larger repairs and, if we paid the vendor on your behalf, you would see that charge listed here. Maintenance checks are done two or three times a year.

Owners will be a charge for an out-cleaning after an owner reservation. Deep cleans are done three or four times a year at the owners' expense.

Reoccurring Charges
These will be listed under other charges and include the linen program which is charged in January and July. Window washing is done as needed; sometimes monthly depending on your proximity to the ocean breeze.

There are no marketing, bill paying, commissions, and guest cleaning charges from Great Vacation Retreats' management.