What Should We Pack?

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What should we pack for our Hawaii vacation?

Slippers (slippahs), shorts, a shirt and a smile are all you need to have an excellent Hawaiian vacation, however, if you want a checklist we have prepared one for you!

1.  Slippahs.

2.  Closed Toe Shoes/Socks. In case you go on an excursion where they are required (such as an awesome ATV tour) or if you find yourself hiking in Waimea    Canyon or off the beaten track. Be prepared for them to get dirty. Kauai is notorious for red dirt that stains easily. Closed toed shoes are needed in the work out area of the Poipu Beach Athletic Club.

3.  Bathing Suits. You will need at least two.

4.  Sweater or a light jacket. 

5.  Sunscreen. 

6.  Hat. 

7.  Sunglasses.

8.  Clothes for going out to a nice dinner. On Kauai, that means dress shorts and an Aloha Shirt for men and a sun-dress for women. 

9.  Binoculars. 

10. Small backpack for day trips and going to the beach.

When you are here, you may want to pick up a sarong. That will get you thru a chilly night, a day at the beach or a casual lunch. For the men, you will probably want to wait until you get here to purchase an Aloha Shirt. You can wear them for any occasion. 

What should I leave behind?

Leave fancy slacks, jackets and dresses at home. You can go anywhere on the island wearing a casual shirt, shorts, skirt or sun-dress with a pair of slippahs.