What Should You Provide For Your Guests

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One question that we are often asked by owners, usually owners that are new to the vacation rental industry, is "What should we provide at our property for guests?"

We have comprised a list of minimum inventory that is standard for vacation rentals. Over the years we have learned which items are best bought in bulk. In fact, we have most of the items in our storage if you would like to purchase them through us. For certain items like silverware, it is better to purchase from us as we can then replace only the 4 missing forks instead of having to purchase a new set when only the forks are missing, etc.

How much should I spend on inventory? Well, it depends on the property, but plan on replacing items more often than you would in your own home. With high occupancy and the ocean breeze, items tend to need to be replaced more frequently. Usually picking something of median price/quality is a good choice for a vacation rental.

Living Room:
o Flat Screen Television
o Stereo with iPhone/Pad/Pod Docking Station
o DVD Player
o Coasters
o Lamp–if needed
o Tables, Chairs, Couch..etc..
o Wireless Internet

o Dinner Plates
o Salad Plates
o Cereal/ Soup Bowls
o Coffee Mugs

o Water
o Juice
o Wine
o Champagne
o Plastic Glasses, best if not clear.

o Dinner Knives
o Dinner Forks
o Teaspoons
o Tablespoons
o Steak Knives

* Dinnerware, glassware and flatware should accommodate twice the occupancy of your home or condo.

o Casserole Dishes
o Microwave Dishes
o 2qt and 5qt Sauce Pans w/Lids
o Pasta Pot
o 8”&10”Fry Pans
o Roasting Pan
o Cookie Sheet
o Cake Pan

o Cutting Board
o Mixing Bowls
o Can Opener
o Cork Screw
o Vegetable Peeler
o Whisk
o Ladle
o Measuring Cups and Spoons
o Spatula
o Serving Utensils
o Bottle Opener
o Grater
o Colander
o Waste Basket
o Utility Knifes
o Flash Light
o Oven Mitts
o Tea Pot

Small appliances:
o Coffeemaker
o Toaster
o Blender
o Hand Mixer
o Microwave 
o Rice Cooker

o Coordinating and Washable Comforters and Shams
o Bedskirt and Mattress Pad 
o Pillows -2 Standard for each Twin, 4 Standard for each Queen and 2 King and 3 Standard for each King
o  Blankets -2 per Bedroom 
o Alarm clock -1 per Bedroom 
o Wastebaskets 
o Plastic/Wood Hangers 
o Dressers or Shelves
o Bedbug Covers

o Wastebasket -1 per Bath
o At least -1 plunger
o Bath Mats nonslip
o Towels (double the occupancy for the unit)
o Ironing Board/Iron
o Hair Dryer

o Vacuum Cleaner
o Broom
o 2 Floor or Box Fans
o Corded Telephone

 Deck/ Patio:
o Patio Chairs to Accommodate Occupancy
o Patio Table
o Lounge Chair, if space allows

o Additional TV & DVD Players
o Washer and Dryer
o Games/Books
o DVDs
o Pot Holders
o Platters/Serving Dishes
o Guidebooks/Map

Linens Provided by GVR Linen Program